Once upon a time... - Tina's own story


The fairy tale of my life started in 1974, when I was born in Örnsköldsvik, in northern Sweden. Five years later my mother met the Love of her life, and we set off for Arjeplog and later for Slagnäs (both in Swedish Lapland), leaving Stockholm, where we lived at the time, behind. Ever since I have been living in Lapland - or at least felt that Lapland is Home.


At the age of seven I started writing songs (or rather new lyrics to well known melodies) together with my best friend Liza. We called ourselves "Noax", and played on guitars that we had built ourselves out of pieces of wood and rubber bands. At ten I got my first real guitar and entered the endless world of music. I guess that was the beginning of my future career!


The true fairy tale started in 1996, when I was discovered by Stikkan Anderson (the famous ABBA producer) as I was playing some of my first real songs on a national TV-show. He gave me a phone call and I, realistic as I am, called the record company to ask if someone named Stikkan was working for them?! Quite a start! One month later I had a record deal! In December 1996 I recorded my debut album Treat Me Fair in the amazing Atlantis Studio, Stockholm, together with some of Sweden's finest musicians! Almost too good to be true… And maybe it was. The first chapter of my fairy tale ended sadly and quickly in September 1997, when Stikkan Anderson passed away. Since he had been my "harbor" in the crazy world of show business, I found myself both grieving and lonely. I packed my bags and went Home.


Two years later, in 1999, I had had time to work things through and strongly felt that I wasn’t ready to give up music. So… it was time for Chapter Two. Together with my parents, who have supported me entirely (a million thanks!) and sometimes believed more in me than I have, I started an own label and recorded the single "That's Me". The single never reached the stores, still we're almost out of stock! Somewhere out there, there are 1.000 CDs, showing "If you want to, you can do it!".


When, in 2001, I won a talent show in Lapland it was the beginning of Chapter Three. 1st prize was to record a 4-track CD and this was how I got to meet Kjell Nästén, the founder of Rumble Road Studio in Skellefteå. During some hectic weeks in January 2002 we recorded Like Fire, which was released a few months later. Suddenly I was out there again! And I was ready for more. A confer with my parents on the matter, and I found myself back in the studio, recording the album that would turn out to be Still Pretty Nice! After signing a record deal with TMC in January 2004, "Still Pretty Nice" was re-released as a 4-track CD. Chapter Three was a fact. In March 2004 the album "Still Pretty Nice" was released in Scandinavia. Finally!! No one said it would be easy, though, and a few months later TMC went bankrupt…


I couldn’t find it in me to search for alternative solutions this time around, so I had a musical time-out. During Fall 2005 a spark for music started glowing again, and I started to think of a third album. But my plans were put on hold, since I happily discovered that I was going to be a mother! In March 2007 I finally started recording, but the release of Tales of a Heart would take almost another 2 years, since the family was extended once more. After the release the focus changed from the record to the family.


In 2015 it is all happening again! And for the first time! At the same time!

TBM records is brought to life, a collaboration with RoastingHouse Music has taken off - and there's a new album on it's way!

It'll be my very first album in Swedish - I hope you'll enjoy it anyway!:)


Hop on board!

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